Owen Rummage

Owen Rummage

Teenage Software Engineer specializing in NodeJS, Web Design, and Robotics.

Hey, I'm Owen! I'm a 16-year-old student studying software development and systems administration. On the side I also like to do robotics and web design. I do robotics competitively for my schools First Robotics Team, and i do web design for fun to try and sharpen my skills. My main web stack is Svelte with Svelte Router and Tailwind for styling. I run this site, where I host projects I use to advance my knowledge. Primarily I do Backend Development which is why I make so many APIs, but I also do some stuff with Frontend (this site). So stick around and follow my journey!

See some of my projects!

This is where i will showcase any projects I complete to show off to the world. You can see a small description, an image, and an affiliated website if applicable here! This is a great place to start monitoring my progress, or seeing if I would be a good for for your contracting work!


Hillsboro High Robotics

Joe Biden Bot

Created with my schools robotics team, Joe Bot is created to complete the Ultimate Goal First Challenge. The challenge of 2021


Personal Web Design

School Clubs

This was another software to get funding for Hillsbor STEM. This specific software was created to fix the issue of school club advertising!


Personal Robotics

Toaster Bot

Created as a P.O.C, this was created to get funding for Hillsbor Robotics. It was also displayed at Makerfaire 2019