Welcome to Owen's Site!

Who are you?

Hey, I'm Owen! I'm a 15-year-old student studying software development and systems administration. I run this site, where I host projects I use to advance my knowledge. Primarily I do Backend Development which is why I make so many APIs, but I also do some stuff with Frontend (this site). So stick around and follow my journey!

Some Recent Projects

Toaster Bot

NodeJS + Python + Websockets + Lego Mindstorms

A WiiMote controlled robot that communicates via Websockets internally and is fully moveable. Built inside of the body of a toaster using nothing but Lego Mindstorms running Ev3Dev, a custom Debian based Operating System that is built for Lego Mindstorms.

School Club List

Python + Django + Heroku

A simple website that shows a list of schools and clubs for said school for people to join. This is built using Django as the Framework, EJS for the Templating, Python for the API's and Sqlite for the Database.